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The library of Abhilashi College of Education was established in 2003. The college library serves as a nerve centre for students, researchers, and faculty members in the education department. The B.Ed. library was designed as a centre of excellence in academia and research, keeping it open to information technology advances.

The beautiful library with rich collection of more than 8033 books is a way to fulfil our institution's vision and mission. Our library offers more than 17 regional and national journals in specific fields to expand and enhance the quality of students by gaining relevant knowledge.


·       To build an up-to-date, complete collection of books, journals and other non-book materials such as CDs etc within our college's teaching disciplines.

·       To systematically organise conventional and non-conventional information sources to provide end users with efficient and prompt service.

·       To disclose information to teachers, researchers, and students, by issuing documentation lists and other current awareness services, to keep them current in their area of interest. To support the academic programmes offered and curriculum requirements of the users.

·       Foster the students and the faculty's reading habits.

·       Promoting the college's co-curricular educational activities.

·       To enter a field of ICT with computer applications for fast and rapid storage and recovery of information.


The Library Resources are as Follows

Type of Documents








News Papers



Student Memberships

All students who are admitted to our college B.Ed course are eligible for this type of membership.

Teacher membership

This membership is open to the university's permanent and guest faculty.

Administrative Membership

The library's services are also available to the college's administrative staff. To make use of the library's general books and magazines.

Facilities and Services

Borrowing Facility

The user community is given with a document delivery service in order to disseminate the correct information to the right user at the right time for the right purpose. The B. Ed library allows users to borrow books for 14 days. Users are reminded to return or renew borrowed books on or before the due date to avoid incurring late fees. Meritorious college students are provided with special library services.


Orientation Programme

The Librarian provides information in the Library Orientation Programme in order to raise awareness among new B.Ed. students about the proper use of the library and its resources and services; to provide first hand information about the library; and to provide them with a closer acquaintance and familiarity with various aspects of the library system. This programme is both educational and informative, as well as bridging the gap between library personnel and patrons.

This programme informs users about the collection's physical arrangement and structure, as well as its functions and services, including both classic and current services such as CD-ROM and the Internet. This programme assists the user community in making the most of the available resources, services, and facilities.


Library Hours

The library will be kept open from 09.30 am to 4.30 pm in all the working days so that the students, faculty and researchers can avail this facility and upgrade their knowledge.

Library – Rules

  • Books and bound periodicals that have been issued out may be recalled at any time, and if they are, they must be returned to the Library within the timeframe specified.
  • Readers are not permitted to write on, damage, or put any mark on any library book, manuscript, or map.
  • The erasure of any stamp, label, or other mark on a book, manuscript, or map belonging to the Library will be considered misbehavior, and a justification/fine will be assessed.
  • Any reader who notices a flaw or damage in a book or manuscript should immediately notify the Library Staff.
  • A borrower is accountable for the safekeeping and return of a publication that has been issued to him. If it is lost or damaged, he or she must reimburse the money or replace the documents according to the requirements.
  • If borrowed books and other reading materials are returned after the due date, overdue fines will be imposed according to the guidelines.
  • Personal items, including books, are not permitted within the library.
  • Personal items, such as bags and books, should be left at the property counter. Cash, cell phones, ATM cards, and other valuables should not be kept on the counter. Any valuables lost are not the responsibility of the library or its staff.
  • Before entering the library/reading hall, mobile phones must be turned off or placed on silent mode. It is totally forbidden to use a cell phone inside the library or reading room.
  • In the library, maintain silence.


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