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Chairman’s Message:

Education is not just about gaining knowledge; it is about becoming better human beings and thereby determining the country's future. Education should aid in the acquisition of life skills, allowing one to live well, treat others well, and contribute his or her best to the society, nation, and globe. The ultimate goal of education should be for the true world peace, in which people only use, develop and share the best aspects of themselves. It is important as a profession to ensure that teaching is strongly led by professionals who set clear standards of entity, the profession and professional accountability. To improve the quality and status of the teaching work force, such professional leadership must be owned by the professionals. To provide quality education and prepare professional youth sensitive to human need, the college strives to maintain a student-friendly environment.
There are no limitations to human knowledge, imagination, or amazement, hence there are no bindings for growth. As a result, a meaningful learning process is required to explore the world of information.
Abhilashi College of Education being accredited with ‘A’ grade by NAAC is a pioneer in imparting professional, educational and moral values to the students and society. I wish all the best to all the students who are the part of our college.

Dr. R. K. Abhilashi
Ph.No. 94180-06520